Saturday, October 26, 2013

Social Studies 10/28 - 11/1

6th Grade:

6th graders are going to begin Ch. 2.  We will  be talking about the first European contact with the people and environments of the Western Hemisphere and the results of that contact.  There will not be a quiz this week.

Reminder that some students still need to complete the 1-4 quiz re-take and the Ch, 1 Test re-take.  I emailed the re-takes to those students.  The 1-4 quiz has to be made up by Wednesday and the Ch. 1 Test has to be made up by Thursday.  Both of these assessments are online.  They were sent to students' email accounts.

Make sure you take a minute and check out the pictures from the Medieval Times field trip, in the previous blog entries.

7th Grade:

7th graders will finish up Section 1 of Ch. 7.  We will take a quiz over Section 1 on Tuesday.  We will begin Section 3 of Ch. 7 on Wednesday.  No quiz on Section 3 until at least next week.

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