Friday, January 31, 2014

Social Studies 2/3 - 2/7

6th Grade:

6th graders will finish up Section 2 of Chapter 3.  The quiz over Section 2 will be on Tuesday, February 4th.  This will be a true/false quiz.  Study materials can be found HERE (link).  We will also start Section 3 of Chapter 3.  We will be taking the quiz over Section 3 on Monday, February 10th.  

7th Grade:

7th Graders will be taking the quiz over Section 2 from Ch.16 on Tuesday, February 4th.  Study materials can be found HERE (link).  Also, remember that the Springfield trip will be on Friday, February 7th.  Students will need to be at school by 5am.  Students will also need to bring a sack lunch and dinner to eat on the bus.  Lastly, make sure that students dress warmly.  It will be cold and we will be outside for part of the day.  We should be back around 8pm or so.

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